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Paper cut is a well known Chinese folk art with a long tradition for its unique styles, concise lines and expressive and impressive patterns. Its unrestrained expression and primitive taste are loved and appreciated and honored by artists, scholars and common peoples.

As a graphic engraving art form, paper cut shows an outstanding shaping technique and its distinct philosophic vocabulary. In paper cut, the black and white are contrasting, the real and the unreal exists at the same time. We find rich imaginations in its composition and sharp exaggeration in shaping, and romantic and decorative air in its free and natural decoupage.

Paper cut has its own history, different classes, characteristics, artistic vocabulary and comparatively grown-up forms. It can be divided into three main classes, say monochromatic paper cut, multicolor paper cut and thirdly, paper cut composed with different monochromatic lines. They have their own unique styles, some are primitively beautiful and naturally charming, Some are rich in local air and some have smooth lines, well-composed meticulously with monochromatic lines or multicolor lines. We have not found so far any painting or craft which holds such primitive style, naturally beautiful and full of countryside air, and inherits so long folk traditional styles. Its lines are so smooth, well-composed, meticulous and so vividly expressive.

As an excellent folk art with wide range of expressive forms, paper cut has promising prospect to be further developed. Papercutchina.com has been for many years engaged in the development of paper cut art. We have created thousands of kinds of paper cut art works and sundry crafts such as greeting cards, birthday cards, calendars and paper cut rolls, which become the premium works for collection and gifts. We always muster out to develop the paper cut art, the great Chinese folk art.